Alister Maynard's Portrait of Queen Elizabeth

London (AP) Article in The Ottawa Citizen 12 November 1964 (edited) Alister Maynards 1964 portrait of Queen Elizabeth shows her with a pretty face and the body of a Lion. Prince Andrew, who was four, is pictured tweaking the Lion's tail.

Maynard was a retired Lieutenant Colonel of the famous Seaforth Highlanders, also is a former executive of the Council of Industrial Design's Scottish committee.

Maynard said, " I just wanted to get away from the stuffy official portrait style and produce something with a bit of gaiety and character."

But why the Queen with the body of a Lion?

"I wanted to combine the idea of her regality and constitutional position with the warm, humorous family flavour which she brings to the position."

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Alister Maynard's Portrait of Queen Elizabeth