The Fauve Landscape

Paperback – September 1, 1990

By Judi freeman

Catalogo di mostra, Los Angeles County Museum of Art, 4 ottobre - 30 dicembre 1990 e The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. 19 febbraio - 5 marzo 1991. Con contributi di John Klein, James D. Herbert, Alvin Martin, Roger Benjamin. Numerose illustrazioni in nero e a colori. Testo in inglese . 4to pp. 350 Brossura (wrappers) Molto Buono (Very Good)

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This book is huge and traces the short life of the art movement that brought radical art into the 20th Century and made it truly modern. The book was written by Judi Freeman and ranks high on the shortlist of the most pertinent books about the Fauves. It is a compendium to the Fauve Landscape exhibition that was shown at the Los Angeles Museum of Art, New York's Metropolitan of Art and London Royal Academy in 1990/1991.

The book focuses on the significance of the style's landscape painting and the first to examine the critical climate that surrounded the movement. Actually, it was not a movement, it just sort of happened. One day in June 1900 a suburban outward bound train from Paris derailed, obliging the passengers to walk. Two artists got to talking as they trudged along to their digs in Chatou. They were Andre Derain and Maurice de Vlaminck - a professional bicycle racer and the author of a couple of semi-pornographic novels. They decided to go painting together and the result was the first Fauve landscape.

Typically, Fauve work was marked by the use of stylised form and crucially, colour - usually lots of it and very bright. Viewed in reproduction, these paintings look excessively domesticated because their compositions seem so familiar. In-person, they come magically alive. It is all about the eloquent hues and emotive brushwork.

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