On this day - Frazier KO's Ziggy in 1:36 of 1st

The Morning Call - Wednesday, April 23rd 1969 - Page 21

Using his deadly left hook, Joe Frazier sends Dave Zyglewicz to the canvas.
Frazier KO's Zyglewicz

On this day on April 23rd, 1969 Joe Frazier using his left hook with deadly accuracy knocked out an outclassed Dave Zyglewicz in 1:36 of the first round to defend his portion of the world heavyweight championship.

Frazier jolted Zyglewicz with a left hook shortly after the opening bell and knocked him on the seat of his pants before the fight was 20 seconds old.

He kept pounding to Zyglewicz body with the lethal left and occasional right, forcing the challenger to bring down his guard.

When Zyglewicz covered up Frazier worked on the head and it was long left to the head that spun Zyglewicz around and knocked him flat on his face midway through the round.

Zyglewicz is stunned, It is all over. Joe Frazier has knocked Dave 'Ziggy' Zygewicz in the first round. TV Announcer

Zyglefwicz managed to push to one knee and one arm as referee Jimmy Webb counted "seven, get up, eight get up, nine get up," and as he sank again, Webb counted 10 and waved his hand signifying the end.

Frazier's manager, Yancey "Yank" Durham and Zyglewicz' manager, Perry Payne, rushed to the centre of the ring and helped the glassy-eyed Zyglewicz and steadied him until he got to his corner.

Frazier, wearing a seven-month growth of beard, was unmarked and virtually untouched in his third title defence. For Frazier, it was the 20th knockout in 22 fights without defeat. The impressive victory in Sam Houston Coliseum before a crowd of less than the 11,000 capacity was a big one for Frazier.

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