NZ Officer confuses Grand Pacific Hotel with Government House - Suva

This story comes from an old edition of the Daily Telegraph.

Grand Pacific Hotel today
Grand Pacific Hotel today

People here love to tell the wartime story of a New Zealand Officer somewhat inflamed with liquor who asked a Taxi Driver to take him home to the “G.P.H”

“G.P.H” is the local name for the Grand Pacific Hotel, but the taxi-driver thought he said “G.H” the local name for Government House.

The fuddled officer staggered into Government House, felt his way upstairs.  The wife of the Governor found him taking a bath and mumbling about the lack of towels.

She showed him to a bedroom and arranged a car to return him to camp early next morning.


1950 'TOWN TALK', The Daily Telegraph (Sydney, NSW : 1931 - 1954), 25 April, p. 1. , viewed 25 Apr 2020,

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