Neon Images I love

I love neon the colour is fluid almost like candy. It just flows. That is the essence of neon, the quality that propelled a simple discovery by a French Scientist into a worldwide epidemic of flashing lights and bright skylines and the same quality which afford neon and enduring role in pop-culture.

Georges Claude introduced neon lighting in Paris in 1910. After decades of experiments, Claude had developed the noncorroding, long-lasting electrode, an alternative to the incandescent lightbulb. Instead of a metal filament, neon employs an inert gas, neon, or argon, sealed in a glass tube and ionized by a high-voltage transformer. This causes the gas to glow brightly with a steady light.

Each gas gives off a distinctive colour, neon burning a flaming red, argon mixed with mercury, a radiant blue. With the addition of various effects, glass tubes coated with phosphorous or painted with colourful enamels, the list of possible hues reads like a box of crayons: Ruby Red, Midnight Blue, and Uranium Green to name just a few.

The following are a selection of neon images that I enjoyed on Flickr.

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