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Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Mr Ed died on this day the 28th of February

Mr Ed, the "talking" horse who co-starred in a television series of the same name during the early 1960s, died of illness and old-age, 33 years old.

The Palomino, who traded barbs and quips with Actor Alan Young on the long-running series, died February 28, 1979. According to CBS is, which televised the program, the deep, husky voice used for Mr Ed was that of the late Allen (Rocky) Lane, a cowboy and western actor.

Mr Ed was perhaps the most famous of all "talking" animals since Frances and the Mule appeared in a series of movies in the 1950s, Actor Chill Wills provided the voice for Francis.

By horse standards, Mr Ed, who was quite old, he was 33 years being about equal to 114 human years. He began losing his health about a year before. He had lost all his teeth and was restricted to eating baby formula for the last few months.

Mr Ed, according to his trainer, could perform 50 tricks. His trainer had to watch him; otherwise, he would steal his tools.

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