Grammarly - Personal Writing Assistant

Grammarly is an assistive writing application that identifies over 150 writing errors including incorrect punctuation, spelling word usage and even sentence structure. Writing is a skill that can be practised and perfected. As I am primarily self-employed, it is difficult for me to get comprehensive feedback to improve my writing. Grammarly excels in providing feedback. Studies have provided evidence of significant improvement in writing when receiving feedback on grammar.


Grammarly works by scanning through text and providing automated and immediate feedback on grammar, spelling and punctuation errors. It uses different algorithms and can identify a surprising range of style and grammar issues. It highlights errors such as subject-verb disagreement, split infinitives, double negatives, run-on sentences and incorrect use of prepositions. If Grammarly finds a mistake, it will explain the grammar rule and may offer a solution which the writer can accept or ignore. It also highlights spelling errors and words that may have been confused. Grammarly helps with avoiding plagiarism by checking your text against over eight billion documents.

“The road to hell is paved with adverbs.” —Stephen King

As a small business, don’t let misspelt words tarnish your credibility. Your customers are going to tend to remember the error rather than the message.

Grammarly feedback capability allows it to teach as well as correcting the author’s mistakes. If the author needs more information about the explanation, then Grammarly provides a more detailed response.


Guys and there is more; it can even help you get dates. Grammarly and eHarmony partnered up with eHarmony to conduct a study on spelling and grammar mistakes influences interactions on dating sites. The survey included 10,000 eHarmony profiles for spelling and punctuation and grammar mistakes. Just two spelling errors on a man’s profile reduce the chance of a response by 14%.

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