Gifts for coffee lovers

If there is a coffee lover on your gift list, why not surprise him or her with an elegant gift set that can be used for years?

Delicious coffee starts with the perfect bean. Check out a coffee specialty shop and check into all of the terrific flavoured beans that are available. Look for a flavour that the recipient might never purchase for him or herself, perhaps an after-dinner Caramello or surprise them with a Blindfold Coffee Sampler. Look for a flavour that the recipient might never buy for him or herself, maybe an after-dinner been flavoured with cinnamon or Amaretto.

The next step for a delicious coffee is to grind the beans properly. A coffee grinder is a perfect choice because it will grind the beans quickly. Grinding coffee beans for an extended period of time creates heat; heat can release and flavour of the bean prematurely and give the coffee a burnt taste. A small coffee grinder, such as our Electric Coffee Grinder. You should have a stainless steel grinding cup so that the varied flavours of different beans do not mix. Instant stop and start control will allow the beans to be ground to the perfect size for individual tastes.

A good quality drip coffee maker is the next necessity for a great cup of coffee. Our 580ml Heatproof Coffee Server has everything the coffee lover needs.

The perfect finale to a coffee lovers gift package is a coordinated set of ceramic coffee drip set cups.

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