Barbara Streisand's birthday reminder about overcoming fear

Barbara Streisand born on this day, April 24th, 1942.

IN A BUSINESS notorious for superlatives, no-one surpasses Barbra Streisand: Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy, Golden Globe. Superstar, Legend, Icon. She has 37 gold albums, 21 platinum and seven multi-platinum. She battled to overcome nightly sieges of stage fright before she performed. Streisand no longer enjoyed performing live, and when she returned to Las Vegas, it was fraught with dissatisfaction. Barbara Streisand gave up live performances for 27 years after she forgot the words to a song in a concert in Central Park in 1967. Others (close friends) claims the singer received a death threat before her show. She only appeared at charity events, where she believed the pressure on her was less intense. Her stage appearances became more infrequent. She suffered from enormous anxiety - afraid for her safety, fearful of making mistakes, fearful of what audiences wanted from her. Streisand has also won admirers because of her philanthropy. Since 1986, the Streisand Foundation has donated more than $A10.4 million to hand-picked causes — AIDS, women's issues, the environment, civil liberties and peace. #24thApril #April #overcomingadversity #resilience

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