Adult Colouring Books help you relax

One of the most common childhood playtime pursuits has become an international adult sensation.

Colouring books for grown-ups have taken off as a popular hobby that no one saw coming. Adult colouring falls into the realm of art therapy, and activity that reduces stress increases concentration and decreases anxiety. Colouring books for adults – a genre once considered little more than a novelty – are suddenly big business. Whether it is short-lived fad remains to be seen. The books are typically filled with intricate black-and-white illustrations while many find the active colouring to be a calming distraction from hours spent tapping, swiping and staring at screens. Experts say the catalyst for the craze was the work of Scottish Author Johanna Basford, whose 2013 title “Secret garden: an inky treasure hunt and colouring book,” became a best seller.

For those who have become hooked are looking to unwind, and see scribbling away at an image of a tree or an animal as a low-key, low stake way to channel imagination or to keep their hands busy.

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