5 films I have watched during the lockdown

A saving grace during a lockdown in the 21st Century is the invention of HDR TV. The following movies I have watched and enjoyed over the last couple of weeks.

1. 1917

A tense and hard-hitting war film. The illusion of a single take and a drama unfolding in real-time (except for a clever switch from day to night). I loved this film where the soldiers are the main characters, not the Generals.

2. The Chaperone

This PBS Masterpiece film was written by Julien Fellowes (Downton Abbey). A sweet story based on the true story of 1920's ingenuine Louise Brooks. The main story though focuses on her Chaperone played by Elizabeth McGovern who volunteers for the job in order to dig into the secrets of her past. This is unchallenging fare however you will feel like you have taken a warm bath when it is over.

3. Parasite

A dark comedy, that is also a tense thriller. A comedy of manners (Jane Austen on acid) that has a lot to say about the world we live and is eminently relatable irrespective of your culture. The best foreign film I have seen for years.

4. The Longshot

The Long Shot is a hoot and I was sceptical about a romantic comedy in which Seth Rogen is the male lead and Charlize Theron is implausibly the love interest. However, the chemistry works between the two enabling one to suspend belief. I think my Wife believes the reason that enjoyed it because it serves my 'wish fulfilment fantasy'.

5. The Art of Self Defense

The Art of Self Defense think toxic masculinity in the 1990s or MeToo meets the Karate Kid. A very dark comedy with a dialogue that seems artificial and a little off. The whole movie felt a little like driving past a car crash and trying not to look.

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