21 Black Designers and Black-Owned Style Brands

Black artists have been at the helm of innumerable cultural movements including music, film, and especially, style. From streetwear innovators to sartorial-leaning tastemakers, master jeans makers to avant-garde thinkers, Black designers have been driving the culture, shaping the future, and paving the way for the next generation.

Black Lives Matter street art

If there are aliens looking at us from outer space, they'd be able to see the massive BLACK LIVES MATTER mural leading to the steps of the White House.

Banksy supports Black Lives Matter with latest artwork

People of colour are being failed by the system, says graffiti artist in Instagram post

A New Type of Graffiti Art Emerges in Allentown

In the wake of protestors bashing in large numbers of glass storefronts in Allentown, one artist is speaking up with his paint, and his words. His name is Baron Frankenstein, and he’s the guy who, armed with paint, is beautifying Allentown’s boarded up windows, one storefront at a time.

Budo: The art, culture and philosophy of the samurai

Yagyu Shinkage-ryu, one of the leading schools of swordsmanship in Japan for over 450 years, was started in the early 16th century by master swordsman Kamiizumi Ise no Kami.

Museums Pressured to Divest From Police

Days after George Floyd was killed by the police, the University of Minnesota severed its ties with the Minnesota Police Department (MPD). Two of the city’s leading arts institutions, the Walker Art Center and the Minneapolis Museum of American Art, followed suit.

Frida Kahlo - Symbolism and Metaphor

Frida Kahlo was a Mexican artist that lived most of her life and physical pain, yet she continued to paint until her death, her artwork records her suffering and experiences as a woman. She was born to a Mexican mother and a German father.

A Black Mother’s Loss for Time Magazine Cover

REPRESENTING THE SORROW of generations, Titus Kaphar painted a black mother for the cover of Time magazine. Her eyes are closed in anguish. She holds her young son, but he is not there. The artist has cut the child from the canvas. All that remains is an empty silhouette.

10 black artists you should know

Now, more than ever, the many voices of black experience need to be heard. And art institutions are increasingly recognising the indomitable influence of black artists with large scale exhibitions that attract international audiences.

The best exhibitions to see (safely) in Paris

While museums are opening in dribs and drabs all over France, here is an overview of the best exhibitions to see (in complete safety) in Paris in June.

Portraits of Moscow Bar Owners

All small businesses are having a hard time during this unprecedented crisis — and the trouble is not just financial. With everything closed and everyone locked down, bars have lost their main functio

Beyond La Vie

In the second of a two-part article in a series on Maltese modernist artists, Joseph Agius takes a look at the oeuvre of Frank Portelli