In 1952 Australians were the happiest people in the world

Australians are the happiest people in the world according to an international poll conducted by the newspaper Paris Press. Fifty-two percent of 3000 Australians questioned said they were content with life. The French were the least content, with only 11 percent expressing themselves completely happy. To the question, “Are you really happy?” Those who said “Yes” were 26% of Norwegians. 32% of Canadians, 39% in Britain, 43% in the U.S. and Holland, and 52 percent in Australia.

NZ Officer confuses Grand Pacific Hotel with Government House - Suva

This story comes from an old edition of the Daily Telegraph. People here love to tell the wartime story of a New Zealand Officer somewhat inflamed with liquor who asked a Taxi Driver to take him home to the “G.P.H” “G.P.H” is the local name for the Grand Pacific Hotel, but the taxi-driver thought he said “G.H” the local name for Government House. The fuddled officer staggered into Government House, felt his way upstairs.  The wife of the Governor found him taking a bath and m

Studio 54 Opened in New York April 26th 1977

Studio 54 attracts New York Stars The Daily Item Sunbury, Pennsylvania People magazine gave Studio 54 its smooch of approval, calling it -"the world's top celebrity disco." Studio 54 was a club for dancing on New York City's West 54th Street, between Broadway and Eighth Avenue. On almost any night of the week, one was able to find the famous partying at Studio -54. Liza Minelli, after dancing like mad through "The Act,".' sometimes retired to Studio 54 to dance madly into the

ANZAC Day Message to Nation

Anzac Day messages issued ANZAC Day 1950 included: The Governor-General (Mr.McKell) : "We Australians and our brother New Zealanders should, every year, renew our pledge that never shall our countries become subject to foreign Powers or ideologies. "On that rests our destiny." "Let the spirit of Anzac live in each of us so that we may continue - to safeguard all that is inherent in personal liberty and national freedom, the ideals which the Anzacs and their sons died to maint

Big Hubble Telescope Deployed on 25th April 1990

The Tribue, Scranton, Pennsylvania - 25 Apr 1990 Wed Seven years late (25th April 1990), the Hubble Space Telescope was deployed where it belongs: out of this world and in search of others so distant that they may have been formed at the beginning of time. Less than five hours after it rode into space aboard the shuttle Discovery, the $1.5 billion telescope sent its first test radio signal. At the sign of life, applause and cheers erupted at the Goddard Space Flight Center

The Great Landing at Gaba Tepe, Gallopoli

ON April 25. 1915, the mighty Battle of the Landing was fought at the Dardanelles. Undercover of darkness, and under the protection of the Fleet, a great army converged towards the rocky and desolate shores of the Gallipoli Peninsula. In the dim light of dawn, landings were made at half a dozen points (says "The Times History and Encyclopaedia of the War"), and by nightfall, the exploit which the Turks and their German mentors had deemed impossible was actually accomplished.

Winston Churchill Received a Knighthood

On this day 24th of April 1953 Prime Minister Winston Churchill was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II as a companion of the most noble order of the Garter. The 78-year-old leader of Great Britain in peace and war thus became the 30th living holder of England's oldest and highest honour. Churchill became "Sir Winston" In a colourful ceremony In Windsor Castle's drawing-room. He knelt before his 27-year-old queen who then touched him on the right and left shoulders with a sword. H

Cayley Comic - On This Day - April 24th

#24thApril #April Source 1947 '"ON THIS DAY" -- APRIL 24',The Sun (Sydney, NSW : 1910 - 1954), 24 April, p. 3. (LATE FINAL EXTRA), viewed 23 Apr 2020,

Shoemaker Wins 8000th Race

On this day 24th April 1981 Jockey Bill Shoemaker won his 8000th race on this day. Shoemaker always road fast and clean and smart and comfortable. He never whipped a thoroughbred who put as much heart into the Oval as he did. He had sharp eyes, quick wits, a surgeons hands and a body that stopped growing when most teenagers are just starting. He had the most magnificent horses, the most exceptional rides, the greatest career and he stood beside the high and mighty in winners

Barbara Streisand's birthday reminder about overcoming fear

Barbara Streisand born on this day, April 24th, 1942. IN A BUSINESS notorious for superlatives, no-one surpasses Barbra Streisand: Oscar, Emmy, Tony, Grammy, Golden Globe. Superstar, Legend, Icon. She has 37 gold albums, 21 platinum and seven multi-platinum. She battled to overcome nightly sieges of stage fright before she performed. Streisand no longer enjoyed performing live, and when she returned to Las Vegas, it was fraught with dissatisfaction. Barbara Streisand gave

Dr. Allen Bussey - Yo-Yo Champion

Dr Allen Bussey completed 20,302 loop-the-loops (throwing the yo-yo in front of you then swinging it around while the yo-yo continues to move up and down the string) in about three hours April 1977 to set the Guinness Record. He also set the record that day for the greatest number of loop-the-loop done in one hour (6,886).Dr Allen Bussey completed 20,302 loop-the-loops (throwing the yo-yo in front of you then swinging it around while the yo-yo continues to move up and down t

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch released 1965

Sugar Pie Honey Bunch was released on this day April 23rd 1965. The Four Tops formed during a weekend party in Detroit in 1954. The group performed at parties, amateur shows and Eddies' Lounge in Flint Michigan. Working with the Motown songwriting team of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Hollan, the Four Tops scored numerous hits, including "Baby I Need Your Loving," "Reach Out, I'll Be There," "Standing in the Shadows of Love," "I Can't Help Myself (Sugar Pie, Honey

William Sokolin smashes $500,000 bottle of wine

On this day 23d April 1989 On one level, you've got to feel a little sorry for William Sokolin. Sokolin is a New York wine merchant who made the news in a rather unlikely way. He was in possession of a bottle of wine said to have been owned at one time by Thomas Jefferson. The bottle was reported to be 202 years old. At New York's Four Seasons restaurant, Sokolin was displaying the bottle of 1787 Chateau Margaux before a gathering of wine experts. Sokolin was endeavouring to

First Decimal Coins Issued in UK - 23rd April 1968

For centuries those big brown English pennies had clattered forth from the royal mint to devastate pocket linings and weigh down even the most modest of purses. The ponderous penny and other quaint coins of the realm are being phased out in preparation for Decimal Day. Britain streamlined its monetary system to conform with those of other countries whose currency is based on multiples of 10 such as the Australian dollar. Out went that strange assortment of Dickensian soundin

On this day - Frazier KO's Ziggy in 1:36 of 1st

The Morning Call - Wednesday, April 23rd 1969 - Page 21 On this day on April 23rd, 1969 Joe Frazier using his left hook with deadly accuracy knocked out an outclassed Dave Zyglewicz in 1:36 of the first round to defend his portion of the world heavyweight championship. Frazier jolted Zyglewicz with a left hook shortly after the opening bell and knocked him on the seat of his pants before the fight was 20 seconds old. He kept pounding to Zyglewicz body with the lethal left and