The Kiss by Gustave Klimt - Fine-Art Print Poster

More colour reproductions of Gustav Klimt paintings are sold in museums around the world than works of any others artist. "The Kiss," Klimt's most famous piece, finished in 1908. In the painting, a man and a woman are locked in an embrace. Heavily embellished gold clothing surrounds the couple, while spring flowers bloom at their feet.

The painting is considered Klimt's crowning glory and is even more intriguing after reading conflicting interpretations of the artists work. Art historians have compared the painting to the "Mona Lisa," because both pieces have been labelled with contradictory themes. Some observers see a new development in Klimt's ability to paint the union between the sexes. In contrast, others see no change in Klimt's attitude, regarding this picture as described in a more subtle way precisely that impossibility of fulfilment arising from the tensions between man and woman.

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