Lovely Italy Colouring Book for Adults

Lovely Italy Coloring Book for Adults features hand-drawn cityscape and landscape illustrations created from some of the most beautiful places in Italy. • Featuring 30 Original Images
• Single-sided Coloring Pages. Images are printed on the fronts of pages only, so you don't need to worry about bleed-through if you choose to use markers
• Includes also a FREE Digital Book to download. As a special bonus, this book also includes a free book to download (PDF file) containing a various selection of colouring pages taken from the Happy Coloring Books series
• Recommended for intermediate and advanced colourists. Altis Hill Publishing publishes all books created by Happy Coloring. Visit Altis Hill Publishing to view completed colouring pages made by fans and download more colouring pages available for free. Happy Colouring!

from $13.05

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